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With particular experience in the fields of medicine, health, law, finance and sports, Tom is “clearly informed”, “is clear and effective in dealing directly with the client (even if asked for short-term advice)”, and is “very practical in the course of the case” (Legal 500, 2022). His professional disciplinary practice mainly includes: (i) working for professionals or the regulatory authority in first instance proceedings with high commitment; (ii) appeal against sanction decisions; (iii) act on judicial oversight by regulatory authorities and (iv) conduct independent investigations. I joined Fieldfisher`s personal injury team in 2009 and was promoted to partner in 2019. I am recognized in the legal directories for my hard work and dedication to achieving the best results for my clients and especially for my skills in client relations. Profession: “His technical knowledge is brilliant, and I like his style and approach.” “He has a concise mind, the ability to quickly assimilate the material, carefully analyze legal and factual issues and cut down to the important points. His judgment is pragmatic and well-founded, and he gives clear and precise advice. “He has a keen mind and a deep grasp of human rights in employment. Alistair`s experience in property damage litigation covers a wide range of factual and legal contexts. He represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases resulting from property damage caused by fires, explosions, floods and subsidence. Alistair has a busy practice of lawyers` conflicts and regularly appears in high-profile cases in this specialty. He has led cases related to jurisdiction, choice of law and enforcement of foreign judgments and has a comprehensive understanding of the legal complexity involved in these areas.

Alistair is recognized in legal registers as a leading practitioner in cross-border litigation and product liability. Chambers 2022 describes him as “meticulous, excellent on his feet and very technically skilled”, “pragmatic and a persevering defender” and “a brilliant junior”. Legal500 2022 describes him as “an excellent junior who manages his work safely beyond his level of vocation” and “a very intelligent and qualified lawyer”. Professional discipline and regulatory law: “He knows a very technical field very well. It is clear and effective for dealing directly with the client (even if asked for short-term advice) and very practical in the context of the case. “He`s extremely smart: if there`s a complex legal point, it`s a great choice.” Tom has been handling licensing files since his early days of practice. Today, he is primarily involved in litigation regarding liquor and entertainment licenses (mainly for locals), transportation (including private rental vehicles and boats) and sports. He recently consulted Philip Kolvin KC on Street artists in Covent Garden at the suggestion of Westminster City Council to criminalise their activities in London`s West End. Tom`s strength in licensing lies in his appreciation of the commercial underpinnings of regulation, combined with legal skills that include public, regulatory and municipal law. Tom Cross is one of the best juniors in the British Bar. It is highly ranked by each of the most important legal directories in seven areas: administration and public law, civil and human rights, education, professional discipline, local government, employment and data protection.

“Lee Tyler is simply extraordinary. He goes above and beyond to provide the best possible service and works day and night to ensure that the customer`s needs are met. Alistair`s expertise in private international law and the insurance industry puts it in an ideal position to deal with jurisdictional, choice of law and insurance disputes arising from international travel. He handles complex litigation and is a regular speaker in major travel law cases. They have attracted exceptional talent who can handle both the work of both the plaintiff and the defendant. His experience includes working in the litigation team at Dubai International Financial Centre of a leading law firm in the Middle East. R (Dennehy) v Ealing LBC [2013] EWHC 4102 (Admin) [2014] BLGR 269 If sanctioning a board member violated their freedom of expression We welcome our ranking and comments in the latest issue of Legal 500. very thorough, patient and hardworking Stadium Capital Holdings No.2 Ltd v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [2013] EWHC 3548 (Admin) [2014] JPL 533 If the national planning policy framework is about advertising control Keith Barrett and Dushal Mehta have few competitors in the industry for their genius in conducting complex and high-quality litigation.